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August 16, 2012:
Temporary price reduction on the high throughput 702 SF with Automatic Oiler, Oil and Bags

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Datastroyer DCS 300 Disintegrator

DCS600FThe Datastroyer DCS 600F is NSA evaluated to meet or exceed NSA/CSS Specification 02-02 for paper and Keytape, as well as Specification 04-02 for Optical Media (CDs and DVDs.) With a 3/32” screen, this granulator will destroy material to high security requirements. It is equipped with an internal vacuum for collection of particles that pass through the screens. It has a throughput of 80 Lbs/hr. Thus, is can handle 3500 CDs and DVDs DCS600F Interior Viewper hour. This unit destroys mixed media, including credit cards, memory sticks, ID cards, cassettes, floppy disks, etc.

  Datastroyer DCS 300 Specifications and Features:

Shred Size:



220 Volts* (20 Amp Min.)

Throat Size:


Shred Bag #

Sheet Capacity:

100 Lbs/Hour


699 Lbs.


2 HP


42.5”H x 48"W x 28”D

Motor, Peak:

4 HP


Rate Feed Meter

*- Dedicated circuit recommended due to high starting current